An Invitation from Pastor Allison

Allison Tanner

June 14, 2018

Dear Lakeshore,
As most of you know, I traveled to Palestine/Israel last fall as part of an international delegation working for a World Without Walls. My trip was organized by Stop the Wall, a Palestinian grassroots network supporting people who have been displaced, dispossessed and disenfranchised by the dehumanizing walls of segregation, subjugation and settler colonialism in the Holy Land.
I am currently helping Stop The Wall raise funds for their efforts to provide basic needs for safety, security, housing and empowerment for people living in the  West Bank; people who continue to have their lands, livelihoods and homes taken from them. If you would like  to learn more about their projects, or make a donation to their important work, you can read my formal funding appeal.
The Palestinian struggle has become important to my justice work as I’m learning the ways in which both the United States and Christian Zionists have fueled the mistreatment of Palestinians. Even as Lakeshore continues to work for the safety, security, housing and empowerment of people in our own communities, I encourage you to consider supporting these efforts in the Holy Land.
To learn more about my trip, and how it helped me see the connections between the injustices endured by the Palestinian people and by people enduring injustice in the United States, check out my blog:
As always, I am deeply grateful to be part of a worshipping community that connects our faith to all that is going on in the world around us, and provides multiple ways to contribute to the well-being of all.
PS – This Sunday we have a Stand and Sing for Justice – another great opportunity to join our voices, stand for justice and share our faith together.