Public Witness

ACTION ITEM – support Sithy Bin

Allison Tanner

February 13, 2023

Please call Governor Newsom today in support of a pardon for Sithy Bin.

Dear Lakeshore,

At November’s Public Witness Forum, Sithy (pronounced City) Bin joined us via zoom to share his story. He, like so many immigrants who came to this country from war-torn lands, grew up in poverty and around violence. As a young man he made a terrible mistake that landed him in prison with a double life sentence. In prison, he found his faith, reformed his life, and committed himself to supporting his peers, understanding himself and accepting the consequences of his youthful actions. A change in sentencing laws and Sithy’s transformation led the very same judge who convicted him to make him eligible for parole. Unfortunately, instead of being released from prison to his family and community, he was transferred to ICE detention. ICE detained Sithy until they were required to release him as part of a lawsuit due to their lack of providing safe conditions during COVID.

Jesse Lucas and I had the privilege of meeting Sithy this summer on our pilgrimage to end detention. Since finally reuniting with his family and community, he has poured his energies into serving his community as a faith leader, community leader, and full-time caseworker with reentering citizens. In addition, he is a proud father and grandfather. Unfortunately, due to restrictive immigration laws, Sithy is facing deportation to a country where he has no connection. Sithy’s family, friends, church, clients, and colleagues all need Sithy, and California is lucky to have him as a member of our larger community. A pardon from Governor Newsom would allow Sithy to remain in California, with his community where he belongs. 

Please add your voice to Sithy’s support community asking the governor to pardon Sithy! Ideally, we request you call the Governors office between the hours of 10-2, to bombard him with requests for Sithy’s pardon. If those hours don’t work for you, you can still call or email the Governor when you are able.  Thank you for participating in Lakeshore’s commitment to justice and mercy for immigrants.


Pastor Allison



Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in [CITY/COUNTY]. I am calling in support of Sithy Bin. I urge Governor Newsom to pardon Sithy so that he can stay in the U.S. with his family and community, where he belongs. Sithy has worked hard to transform his life; he now lives his life in service of others, and he deserves a full and unconditional pardon.