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ACTION ITEM for Immigrant Justice

Allison Tanner

February 1, 2023

Marisela Andrade

Please send an email to Governor Newsom today in support fo Marisela’s Pardon – details below.

Some of you may remember hearing the story of Marisela Andrade during our November Pardon Campaign project. Alice Butler shared about Mari, an immigrant in ICE detention who has endured domestic abuse and sex trafficking, who is seeking freedom from detention and prevention of deportation, where her life would again be in danger. Many of you signed her petition for pardon. In December, Mari received word from the CA Board of Parole Hearings that they will investigate her application. This is great news and her advocacy team feels strongly that this quick response is connected to all the attention Gov. Newsom has received about her case from the concerned community. To this end, her advocacy team is planning a ONE DAY EMAIL Campaign for today.

Please add your voice to her support community asking the governor to pardon Marisela! Even if you’ve signed her petition or already sent an email on her behalf, it is helpful for the Governor’s office to hear from you tomorrow. Thank you for participating in Lakeshore’s commitment to justice and mercy for immigrants like Marisela.


Pastor Allison


Leave a comment for the Governor’s Office:

  •         Go to this
  •         Click on the bubble: “Have Comment”
  •         “Please choose your subject”: Clemency – Pardon
  •         Position: Pro

Example Script:

I am writing to support a PARDON for Ms. Marisela Andrade (CDCR#WA7304, A#074-816-783), Pardon Case #: 10-22-01019. Marisela is currently in immigration detention in Aurora, CO, facing deportation to Mexico, a country she left 27 years ago. Ms. Andrade faces possible torture and death at the hands of her former human trafficker’s family and network if returned to Mexico.

Continuing to incarcerate and punish Ms. Andrade with deportation and separation from her family does not make us safer as a state. I respectfully ask that you grant Ms. Andrade a pardon to prevent her unjust deportation and to allow her to remain in California with her family and community.